• The company was established in January, 2020, with registered capital of 30 million, and its headquarters are located in suzhou high-tech zone microsystem park. The design, research and development of domestic main electric power devices
    One of the commercial efforts to become a world-class power component supplier (IDM). Main business:
    Power IC and device process technology development and technical services
    Power IC and device product design, development, sales and technical services
    Power semiconductor module overall design, development, sales and technical services
    Core values: complete technical capabilities in the development, design, and production of IGBT/FRD/九游会在线官方网站/TVS chips.
    Pursuit of goals: to provide customers with the best system solutions

  • International team
    Our team is from IR and TI and other international famous semiconductor companies.
    The management team has held important management positions in large domestic and foreign microelectronics enterprises with rich experience
    Many members of the r & d team have been leaders of r & d projects and product development for famous enterprises at home and abroad
    R&d team structure
    The r&d team of the company is composed of a group of technical team, management team and investors who have been committed to the localization of China's power semiconductors for a long time. Technical team
    With an average age of over 35 years, our key staff have over 10 years of experience in leading semiconductor companies. Currently, 70% of the company's 12 employees are r&d staff.

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