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Semiconductor chip
Semiconductor chip is usually also known as integrated circuit, refers to the semiconductor chip material on the etching, wiring, made to achieve a certain function of the semiconductor device. Not only silicon chips, common also include gallium arsenide, gallium nitride, silicon carbide and other semiconductor materials. The process of semiconductor manufacturing is the process of "turning from stone to gold", which is mainly a series of processing of silicon wafers. In simple terms, through epitaxial growth, photolithography, etching, doping and polishing, the necessary circuit is formed on the silicon wafers and the silicon wafers are turned into chips.
Semiconductor materials are the electronic materials used to make semiconductor devices and integrated circuits, and are the basis of the semiconductor industry. With the emergence of new semiconductor materials, the advancement of power electronics technology and the improvement of fabrication technology, the semiconductor has experienced three generations of changes in the past. As the representatives of the second and third generation semiconductors, gaas, gallium nitride and silicon carbide semiconductors have better performance in high frequency and high temperature compared with the first generation semiconductor silicon. So its application field is also more and more extensive.
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